I Would Take My Espresso Machine Everywhere I Go

Its been over 4 months since I got a new espresso machine and before I even tell you why I would go with this machine anywhere an everywhere I go, I have always hated writing reviews as soon as I get something. Interestingly, this one is going to be a little bit different for the amount of good things I have been able to do with the best home espresso machine is worth telling the world.

My journey to finding the best espresso machine actually started on a very low note; I am probably one of those people who have tried almost every model of espresso machine in the market. During this whole time I have had a not-so good experience with tons of these machines. Some have ended up breaking down within a couple of weeks while others have failed to meet my expectations at all.

However, a few months I go, I promised myself that the ordeal was going to come to a drastic end. I knew a friend who lived across town and he had been making coffee in a local coffee shop for as long as I can remember. After listening to my sad story, he recommended I buy the best espresso machine. It did not even stop there; he recommended me to buy the kind of model he has been using in his coffee shop. Immediately, I finished talking to him, I went straight to a local store and bought the exact espresso machine he recommended.

It now 4 months down the line and what the machine is doing for is quite unimaginable. The coffee produced by my espresso machine is wondrous; great aroma, taste, body and cream are a few of the things I have been able to net fro the best espresso machine I have in my house. To tell you how this machine has in a way changed my life for the better, I am even thinking of opening a coffee shop just a few meters from where I live. Amazing isn’t?

Anyway, recently, the more popular espresso machine for beginner is nespresso espresso machine, this automatic espresso machine has gain a lot of good reviews from my friends too.

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There are Affordable Espresso Machines under $200

Espresso and coffee makers nowadays are expensive and most of them are not that good as well. It is very hard to find a cheap and good espresso machine in the market. Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to talk a little about the best espresso makers 2017.

amazing espresso machine

There are a lot of affordable models that are durable and will help you produce great tasting coffee as well. It is not that hard to look for cheap espresso machines, you just have to know where to look for. It is also not bad being cheap because some cheap models are better than the expensive ones.

The first best espresso machine under 200 dollars is the ECMP50 espresso machine by Mr. Coffee. Mr. Coffee is not a very well-known brand but reviews said that it was 79% better than any other expensive coffee machines out there. The ECMP50 is a steam espresso machine and the features on this affordable espresso machine are amazing. This espresso machine has a frothing wand, huge capacity for water reservoir which can be removed for easier refill and a thermo coil. It uses a single boiler and can serve two cups at a time. You can purchase this espresso machine for only 70 dollars on their webpage or at your local store.

The second on the list is the Delonghi EC155 espresso machine. This espresso machine is voted as the most affordable yet best in performance by users around the world. The feature of the EC 155 espresso machine includes a built in grinder, frothing wand and a removable water reservoir. Other than that it has an eco-mode feature for energy saving and it also has a feature that will stop your espresso machine from overheating. You can use any type of coffee pod for this espresso machine and it has a pre-moistening cycle as well. It also has a tamping system along with it. It uses a 15 bar pump and single boiler. For all this, the EC 155 will cost you 100 dollars and it comes with warranty.

Lastly, the best espresso machine under 200 dollars is the Gaggia espresso machine – Espresso Pure. The Espresso Pure is much more expensive than the others but it works well too. It makes great tasting espresso as well. Gaggia has been voted as the best manufacturing company for espresso machines around the world and this model was the best they had.

The features that includes are such as a frothing wand, removable water reservoir that can hold up to 42 ounce in capacity and eco-mode to save energy. It also heats up fast so that you can enjoy you espresso as soon as possible. It can use any type of coffee pod as well. The Espresso Pure can serve two espressos at a time and it uses a 15 bar pump and single boiler. Coffees that can be served are Cappuccino and Espressos.

The Espresso Pure is better because it serves two types of coffees, it has a larger water reservoir and it has the same feature as the Delonghi EC 155. So there you have it. You can find these three great espresso machine under 200 dollars.

Knowing the best pots and pans to buy for cooking

Pots and pans are different utensils special for cooking some type of food. Pans mostly are used to cook the best dry foods. Both of this utensils are referred to us cookware and bake ware respectively, defined generally as types of containers that are found in kitchen often. Cookware s comprise of the cooking vessel like the frying pan that are used on a gas cooker or cook top. On the other hand, bake ware are comprised of cooking vessel intended for use inside the oven.

my best pots and pans

The best pots and pans to buy are those that of the stainless steel materials. They are non-reactive therefore you can cook any kind of food in them. They are usually heavy and durable thus offering the best utensils to use. The best cookware’s to use are those that transmits equal amount of heat on surface so that the food being cooked gets heat uniformly and thus eases the work of the cook.

There are the kind of cookware’s that have an added inner core made mainly of copper and aluminum which are the best to improve the heat conductibility and are also durable. Though this kind of cookware are slightly expensive they last for lifetime an example being the All-clad which offers the best example of high-end stainless steel cookware thus being favorite brand.

Copper pots with a stainless steel and or lining is best as this prevents the reaction with acidic or alkaline food staffs and thus provide the best. They cook food evenly and thus best for home and kitchen use.

Aluminum pots are also excellent since they have an excellent thermal conductivity, light weight and they are affordable. The best pot of aluminum is that which is anodized since it is also reactive to alkaline. Thus this two kinds of cookwares provides the best pots and pans for a customer to buy for the best cooks in the kitchen.

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How to make your juicing recipe taste delicious

fruit vegetable juice

Fresh fruit juice is something most of us love, but vegetable juice, not so much. Fresh Fruit Juices taste wonderful, sweet, and delicious but when we think about Vegetable Juices, we tend to associate them with tasting like freshly cut grass. Are there ways to make vegetable juicing taste good? What are some ways to make great tasting Juice Recipes while still being healthy? Well, keep reading and you will learn some great techniques to make your Juicing Recipes taste delicious!

1. Adding fruits or carrots to your juicing recipes will give them a sweeter flavor while mellowing out some of the harsher veggie flavors like those of kale and spinach. I prefer to add a granny smith apple to my juices as these types of apples have the least amount of sugar in them. Lemons and limes are also great to add to any juice recipe as they tend to mask harsh flavors while adding a tang to your juice. You will have to experiment with your juice recipes and see what engages your palate and what tastes best to you.

2. Test out different fruits and vegetable and see what each one tastes like individually. Take a small or medium size slice of cucumber, then juice it into a small glass. Do the same with other veggies or fruits like kale, spinach, apples, carrot, celery, beets, artichokes, broccoli, mango, oranges, lemons, etc. Try a little sip from each one so you have a feel for how strong or sweet they are. Then start by mixing something strong with something sweet. Take the kale and mix in some apple, lemon, or carrot until you come to a happy medium with the flavors. This is a great way to test out different ideas or juice recipes without having to make a full juice that you don’t like but force yourself to drink.

3. Always shoot for the freshest and most organic fruits and vegetables for your juicing recipes. The more fresh your produce is, the better it will taste and the more nutritional value it will have. Check your area and see if there are any local farmers market meetups. Every Saturday just a mile down the street, a bunch of local farmers get together and sell their produce. I found that not only was my juice of a tastier quality, my wallet was thanking me as well. So always get organic when possible, it does make a difference that your body will surely notice.

4. Should I peel or skin my veggies and fruits? NO, the skins are where a lot of the nutritional value is. If you peel and skin them, you are throwing away very healthy nutrients. It’s best to leave it on with the exception of butternut squash, pumpkin or super hardened produce like it. But always leave the skin on when making your juice. Your body will thank you.

5. Make sure you get a good juicer. Your juicer doesn’t have to be a big fancy expensive one either. Get a juicer that has at least a 700-watt motor. You will want to make sure it has the power to juice everything without any problems. When looking for a juicer for your juicing recipes, make sure you also get a juices that is easy to take apart and clean. If your juicer is very complicated and time consuming to clean, you might get discouraged and not juice. I use a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor, it’s very powerful, easy to clean, and has a large pulp catch for big batches of juice. It’s also on sale and 20% off!

6.  Use a wide variety of ingredients in your juice recipes. Don’t simply mix one fruit or one vegetable, go crazy and try mixing numerous things together. Remember, your juicing for the health benefits and not so much for the taste itself. The more of a variety of vegetables and fruits you use, the more nutritious and healthy your juicing experience can and will be.

I hope you enjoy these juicing recipes and reap the rewards that are in store for you. Below are a few very healthy juicing recipes for you try or experiment with. Please feel free to comment or email me your own juicing recipes for me to try, review, and to add to the blog.

Guide on cleaning your kitchen utensils

cleaning cookware

You use your kitchen utensils multiple times daily, so it’s in your best interest to learn to keep them clean and maintain them for years to come.

Kitchen utensils

Using the right kitchen tools makes food preparation and cooking easier, faster and even more enjoyable. When you purchase anything for your kitchen, take into account its quality, the material it’s made of and how easy it will be to clean.

Modern kitchen utensils can be made of plastic, metal or wood. You can simply drop plastic implements in the dishwasher, but wood and metal implements may require special care. Items that can’t go into the dishwasher should be washed with dish soap and water right after use.

Wooden implements

  • Don’t put wooden spoons in the dishwasher, as heat and cleansers can damage wood. All you need is water and dish soap. Soak heavily-encrusted spoons in a solution of one part baking soda to 10 parts water.
  • It is extremely important to thoroughly disinfect wooden cutting boards after cutting poultry, meat and fish to avoid cross-contamination of bacteria. Rub boards with a bleach and water solution, then wash as usual and dry thoroughly.
  • Wash wooden handles promptly and allow them to dry. Occasionally massage in some olive or canola oil, and wipe off any excess with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Prevent grease from adhering to cooking spoons by holding them under cold water just before using them.
  • Remove dough stuck to a rolling pin by sprinkling a little salt on it, rubbing it off, then washing and drying thoroughly.


  • Sharpern kitchen knives regularly. If you don’t own a knife sharpener, the unglazed bottom of a porcelain teacup works, too.
  • Knives cut better if you warm the blade in advance.
  • Use only top-quality knives for cutting foods.
  • Don’t use a ceramic knife to cut frozen foods, bones or hard bread crusts.
  • Use either a plastic or wooden cutting board. Glass, metal and stone aren’t suitable.
  • To protect your knife blades and avoid injuries, keep knives in a knife block, on a magnetic knife strip or in a roll.
  • Protect yourself from exceptionally sharp points by capping tips with corks.
  • Remove stuck-on residue with a dishwashing brush or a cork dipped in salt.

Metal utensils

  • Use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas in graters and garlic presses.
  • Clean metal flour sieves immediately after use in cold water — warm water will make the flour stick like glue.
  • If metal gets rusty, sprinkle it with salt and rub with bacon rind.
  • Stick metal shish kebab skewers into a cork; they’ll stay together, making them less dangerous.

This information is shared from http://www.yellowpages.ca/tips/top-tips-for-cleaning-kitchen-utensils

Right cooking tools for the job makes your task easier

There’s no doubt that having the right tools for the job makes any task easier, and there’s no better place to illustrate this than in the kitchen, where having the right cooking utensils can be the difference between creating good meals and great meals.

Many cooks think about major appliances such as the stove and refrigerator when planning to equip their kitchens, but to be a success in the kitchen, you need to have a good selection of cooking utensils in addition to the bigger items. And don’t forget, cooking utensils means more than just spoons; there’s a host of small cooking utensils ranging from cutting devi ces, juicers, graters and more.

cooking utensilsThink about what you do in a kitchen and about how different cooking utensils come into play for each task:

Source: Streetdirectory.com – Arming your kitchen with basic cooking utensils

  • Washing and drying fresh produce – always easy to accomplish with a strainer and salad spinner. A vegetable peeler is also an important addition to your cooking utensils closet.
  • Slicing, chopping and dicing all kinds of food and garnishes – a food processor makes short work of vegetables, but mandolins, knives and graters are also helpful cooking utensils to have on hand.
  • Measuring – cooking and baking can be a form of art and recipes should be followed as precisely as possible so measuring dishes, cups (both wet and dry measures) and measuring spoons are invaluable cooking utensils.
  • Weighing – depending on what you like to cook, you may want to add a food scale to your shopping list of cooking utensils. Such a tool can be excellent for portioning meat and other products that have cooking times affected by weight.
  • Temperature – as important as measures are temperatures, which can affect the success of your kitchen endeavors. An oven or meat thermometer is key to having properly cooked meat that is safe to eat, and should be included in your pantry of cooking utensils.
  • Mixing – no kitchen would be complete without a cadre of mixing bowls in its cooking utensils cupboard. Having a selection of bowls in assorted sizes is essential to fast, efficient cooking.
  • Manipulating, poking, prodding, lifting and stirring – perhaps what most often comes to mind when you think of cooking utensils are implements used to move food: spoons, forks, knives, spatulas, wire whisks, pastry blenders, tongs, salad lifters, slotted spoons, wooden spoons, serving spoons and more.

By imagining the tasks you do every day in the kitchen, you will get a better idea of the cooking utensils you should consider purchasing. Think about every stage of the food preparation process, from storage and cleaning, to cooking and presenting.

Other useful cooking utensils: pastry brush, kitchen shears, rolling pin, salt shaker, pepper mill, cutting board, ramekins, flour sifter, rotary beater, ladles, juicer and a can opener. Cooking utensils come in a range of prices, quality and materials such as wood, metal, rubber and silicone. Regardless of how much you pay, always make sure any cooking utensils that have multiple pieces, fit together securely.

Before I Buy An Espresso Machine

Before I even tell you why you need to go through reviews before you buy an espresso machine, my journey to being one of the biggest advocates of this started on a very low note low. A few years back, I needed an espresso machine after the one I inherited from my mom broke down. Since I wanted this machine so bad, without even going through top espresso machine reviews to get a glimpse on the best models available, I just went and picked a machine without giving it some serious thoughts. Had I known what was in store for me, I wouldn’t have done what I did; it broke down just three days after I started using it.


After that tragic incident, I made a promise to myself that I was not going to buy a machine again without first going through espresso machine reviews; that was the only best thing I could. Interestingly, it is now years since I went through that ugly incident, but thanks to reviews, I have over and over made sure I get the best espresso machines in the market. In fact, most of my friends have come to know of my tricks and they always come to me when they want to buy an espresso machine.

So to some extend, just going through different reviews on different machines has in a way helped when it comes to singling out the best out there. The best part, with top espresso machine reviews, I get to know some of the best selling models, their features and what others users are saying about them. So if you are thinking of buying an espresso machine, I suggest you go through tons of reviews on these machines first. It will in away give you first hand information on different models and possibly the ones you should be going for.

Why I Recommend All Clad Cookware

best cooking cookware

These days it may be tempting to run out and grab whatever set of cookware that you can find at your local superstore without first considering the quality of the product that you are buying. What I like about All-Clad brand cookware is that you are getting only the most high quality product for your money. Also, All-Clad merchandise is made right in the U.S which means that every time I purchase All Clad cookware set I am supporting my country’s economy and helping create jobs for those around me.

All-Clad has all the products I need in my kitchen from cooking tools to pots and pans, and everything in between. I personally recommend the seven-piece All-Clad copper core pots and pans set. This set includes all the pots and pans you will need for many years to come; and with their design of stainless steel I never have any problems cleaning my cookware. Also, I find that the copper core design allows me to maintain better control over my food and the temperatures that I prefer it to reach.


All-Clad also features many more sets of cookware including regular stainless steel sets, which are cheaper and still amazingly effective. A stainless steel five piece set still includes all the necessary items for any stove top dish that you wish to cook, while still assuring that high quality food will be made in your kitchen. If you aren’t on the wealthy side I would suggest looking into such a set; it may cost more up front than a superstore brand of cookware, but with the awesome long-lasting design of All-Clad cookware and the warranty that comes with their products you won’t find yourself going back to the store every six months to purchase new cookware.

So whether you’re a highly regarded chef looking to keep their kitchen running smoothly and their food cooked deliciously, or you’re just a home cook, All-Clad cookware has all the products you need for your budget and desires.

Searching for the Best Kitchen Knife Set to Buy

Mankind has yet to find a comprehensive substitute for kitchen knives, at least that is what I believe. Kitchen knives are indeed indispensable. Can you do without those bread knives, or for that matter meat or butter knife? Is it possible to chop vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli in the food processor? Of course not! Unless you are fine with mushed up stuff. So kitchen knives will continue to reign in foreseeable future. I am presenting the argument I presented to my husband last night. We have a wedding coming up in a fortnight and buying something as a gift becomes necessary. I suggested a kitchen knife set knowing how my sister loves cooking. My husband was not too happy about it, but he gave in.


Of course, I will be giving my sister one of the best kitchen knife sets. In fact, I am reading through the best rated knife set reviews. Cuisinart has a 15 piece set which caught my attention almost immediately. I guess it is the attractive holding block that impressed me. But then, I am familiar with this brand so I know something about their reliability.

Blade lengths vary and so does their design. I also liked KitchenAid’s 12 piece set. Like other sets listed in the blog this set also comes with paring knife, santoku knife, steak knife, peeling knife, boning knife, chef’s knife, slicing knife and utility knife. Both the products I have selected come with lifetime warranty. I am sure my sister will love KitchenAid.

I rarely use food processor for chopping slicing etc., and I know my sister is also equally fastidious. I feel vegetables when chopped in food processor acquire a strange taste, which I cannot relish. I don’t know whether the knife set I have selected for my little sister is indeed the best kitchen knife set. Nor do I know the costs. If the amount I spend towards this set of knives is less, I might even buy her another gift.

Are you looking for the best masticating juicer to buy?

Whether centrifugal or masticating juicers, what you choose must be up to your expectations. Choosing best juicers needs moderation and carefulness to avoid buying at ransom. Therefore, when shopping for juicers, there are things you must consider if you want to have something that will serve you for as long as like juicing by yourself.

drinkFirstly, consider the quietness of the juicer and the time you will be juicing most of the time. Some juicers are noisier and you cannot use them when other people in the household are asleep. If you want to make your juice in the morning when the kids and other people are still sleeping then choose quiet juicers. Secondly, consider the fruits that will make the most part of juicing. Are most of your juicing fruits going to be fruits or leafy vegetables, such spinach, kales, cabbage, and wheatgrass? Choose a juicing machine that matches your juicing needs. Thirdly, consider the amount of juice you wish to make. Do you want to make extra juice or you only want to have enough for the household and no extra for future use?

Otherwise, when looking for the best masticating juicer to buy, here are some of the models to consider.

1. Kuvings B6000
B6000 is a new vertical masticating juicer that has taken the world by surprise. It is the only masticating juicer with a wide chute in the market. With this feature, B6000 is easy to clean and maintain than other masticating juicers. It is fast, power efficient, and has better hardware components than other kuvings masticating juicers.

2. Breville BJE820XL juicer
BJE820XL is the best centrifugal juicer currently in the market. Unlike other juicers, BJE820XL can operate at five separate speed levels, with 6500RMP as the lowest speed and 13000RPM as the highest. It also has a powerful motor of 1200W. BJE820XL comes with an extra cutting disc for soft fruits and strong hardware features.

3. Omega VRT350HD
VRT350HD is super vertical masticating juicer from omega. It offers the best juicing services like other juicers, but it is exceptional in the sense that it doesn’t take too much space on the counter. It is good for leafy greens and comes with a dual stage process feature, which makes even better.

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I’m A Juice Lover

Professional doctors, food and nutritionists, and many other health personnel know that buying ready-made juice from supermarkets and other retail shops is not healthy. The products that you always buy in shops contain chemical preservatives that enable them to stay for long even though their ingredients are highly perishable. In some instances, branded juice lacks the natural taste of the fruits most of them claim to be made of. Mostly, these products contain chemical flavors and not the mango, pineapple, or strawberry fruit juice they claim to have.


Making your own juice is both financially and medically beneficial as you will save a lot of cash that would otherwise have been used for buying several liters of juice products. Medically, it prevents you from sipping harmful chemicals that come with chemically modified juice brands in the market. For the reason, the following top juicer reviews 2015 will help you in selecting the best juicer for all your juicing needs.

1. Breville 800JEXL juicer
It is a flagship centrifugal juicer made of some of the heaviest metals in the world such as stainless steel for the mesh filter, titanium re-enforced for the cutting blade, and die-cast metal for the body. It is a heavy machine a motor speed of 1000W 2, which runs at either 13000RPM or 6500RPM to make its functionality easier, faster, and better. It is easier to clean, as it comes with a wide feed chute.

2. Breville JE98XL juicer
This is a mid-range centrifugal juicer with a two-speed motor of 850W and can run at either 1200RM or 6500RPM for better-enhanced functionality. This juicer can handle some of the toughest fruits in the universe; it is strong and durable just like any other Breville juicer.

3. Omega J8006 Nutrition juicer
Its engine is quiet and comes with a powerful motor, which operates at a speed of 80RPM. J8006 is an excellent juicer for crushing and squeezing the juice from fruits and vegetables. Structurally, it looks like another brand of Omega juicing machine, omega J8004- another top quality juicer in the market.

Learn more about juicing benefits.

A Juice Freak Should Have These Juicers


As a juicing lover, it is imperative to be cognizant of the fact that, the type of juicer you select can make or break the quality of juice you will get after juicing fruits, vegetables or leafy greens. Consequently, it is important to select the good juicer brand that is capable of meeting virtually all your juicing needs. Here are some of the best juicer reviews which are perfect for you.

Omega J8005

This masticating juicer is suitable for extracting juices from hard fruits and vegetables, thanks to its extremely sharp cutting blades. It can also be used for juicing leafy greens and wheat-grass. Besides being used for purposes of juicing, it can also be used as a pasta extruder, food processor, grinder and homogenizer. It offers a high juice yield without suppressing the natural nutrients contained in the juicing ingredients. Read the best Omega juicer reviews for information on more models.

mango juice

Breville Ikon BJE510XL

It is one of the top rated and most versatile Breville juicers. It comes with 5 operating speeds, hence making it ideally perfect for juicing any vegetable or fruit. The juicer also boasts of unequaled durability, courtesy of its sturdy design. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Find out here.

Black & Decter Citrusmate CJ625 Plus

This juicer is perfect for juicing citrus fruits. Its 30-amp motor is capable of juicing virtually all fruits and vegetable regardless of how hard they are. It lauded for its unmatched high juice yield and for being highly energy efficient. It is generally inexpensive as compared to many juicers. It is made entirely of plastic, hence explaining why it is one of the easiest juicers to clean.

Cuisinart Extractor CJE-1000

This Cuisinart juicer features 5-operating speeds for you to select the speed that will meet your personal juicing needs. It is ideally perfect for juicing hard vegetables, thanks to its exceptionally sharp blades. Its 25-amp motor offers an excellent juicing performance that cannot be matched by other expensive juicers.

My Beautiful Blinds Did The Trick

A complete makeover to me has to give a lovely refresh look to my home every once in a while, and the decoration costs me big. I’ve discovered other blinds options that are attractive and way more affordable yet they make my house fresh and charming. It’s an elegant choice and I think it’s my favorite so far.

Beautiful blinds improve the windows’ aesthetic appearance. When choosing blinds, consider your interior decor of the room and its furniture. For a sophisticated look, choose blinds matching the furniture. It’s very stylish, very chic. Don’t compromise on quality either.
When buying blinds, check for a few things first. Some types create health challenges to your family like respiratory issues and allergies. If anyone suffers from respiratory related conditions, check that the blinds you want to buy don’t affect them. After all, the beauty is for them too.

Bamboo blinds sounded awkward at first. They are popular for an attractive and stylish finish on your window. They can be used to give shade and for privacy. They’re an interesting choice, I had no idea how good something wooden would do especially on a wide window.

Bamboo blinds provide warmth during winter. They are easy to put up so you won’t need to spend extra to have them up.. They also block light effectively and are easy to maintain. They come in different colors. I particularly like beige, chocolate and mahogany. I also found that I could choose from different amazing patterns, folding styles and sizes. Make your choice depending on what you want to achieve inside your home, say a happy sunset with sun rays beaming softly right into your living room, mahogany to match your dining table or overlapping folds for complete privacy. Mine are beige to match my carpet and couch. Now my house is all cozy and warm.